Being away from home can be tough on parents and their pets, but with PetChatz, there’s no need to worry. An avid traveler, Larissa Goldenberg can attest that staying connected with PetChatz has made life easier for her and her two dogs.

After losing three pets, all over the age of 16, in one year, Larissa swore she was done being a mom to fur babies. That all changed when she was presented with an unusual present from a good friend. She took one look inside the bag and instantly fell in love with her new dog Nicki.  Five years later, she opened her home again, this time to a shelter-bound Yorkie named Bella.

Larissa, Nicki and Bella are quite the trio, but unfortunately, Larissa’s job as an event planner requires a lot of travel. To calm her nerves, she purchased PetChatz to check in while she’s away.

“Even though I hire a pet sitter, I miss my dogs like crazy when I’m gone. I like to call to talk to them and see that they are doing okay. I get especially worried about Nicki. Before we had PetChatz, I left home and she refused to eat for two days. Now, I can see and talk to her to make sure she’s okay, plus give her a treat.”

Not only is PetChatz great for chatting, it was simple to teach her Yorkies how to use the system.

“It took all of two minutes to teach them to come to PetChatz. They are very investigative, so once I installed it, they had to come check it out. It’s so funny to watch them use it. Nicki and Bella will literally push and shove each other to get the treat.”

Larissa is thankful to have PetChatz when she’s gone, and even when she’s at home.

“It’s given me peace of mind so I’m not worried while I’m away. I must admit that I not only use it while I’m out of town, but also when I’m sitting on the couch 20 feet away. Once my dogs hear the PetChatz ringtone, they immediately run to get a treat!”