My Dog’s Diary

Have you ever just looked at your dog and thought “you’re an absolute nutter”?! I do every single day! I know our friends at The Classic Dog Blog do as well. Like many dogs, mine finds everything in the world so EXCITING! Every activity, whether it’s waking up or going for walks’ is their FAVORITE thing to do! It’s like your dog is constantly ready to party at all times without even knowing the consequences! You just have to say any word in a high-pitched voice, and they are there, ready to go, bouncing off the walls! Your dog is that [...]

PetChatz is offering a discount to iCPooch owners.

It has become public knowledge that iCPooch is shutting down its business and manufacturing operations. As PetChatz, we want to ensure that pet parents are always able to stay connected with their fur-family members. We want to offer all iCPooch customers a large discount so you can still chat with your furbaby. Although PetChatz meets a similar need. We have a different approach. PetChatz HD is the only complete sensory experience for your pet! The PetChatz system starts with the HD unit – a totally immersive experience that allows you to be there from anywhere for your pet. Two-way HD (low light) video camera and [...]