People Like Their Pets

People like their pets — meaning cats and dogs — but you knew that. And pets like their owners right back. So when the two are together all is fine and good to go. But what if the person can’t be with their pet 24/7 — having to go to work for the day or go on an extended grocery store shopping or needing to buy something in a store (and don’t get us started on that whole “Black Friday” push and shove)? Then the pet will need to put up with being by itself. In which case it could be confined to a room or put in a crate or carry bag, but with the exception of pets with special needs most owners will give the pet free reign throughout the house or apartment. That could result in the cliche breakage or bodily fluid mess, but the real result is that the pet will feel unhappy. No owner wants that! And since few of us can or would hire a pet nanny, the PetChatz HDX is not just the best alternative from a cost-effective point of view, but will also keep the pet engaged and aware until its center of the universe (i.e., you) returns. Because your pet is going to be the recipient of digital daycare.

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