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PetChatz Guard

PetChatz Guard


Have a pet that is more curious than normal? No problem with our see-through guard – an extra layer of security for you and your pet!

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The PetChatz® Guard is an optional accessory designed to protect the PetChatz unit.

The PetChatz Guard is recommended for those unpredictable pets that have a history of excessive curiosity as part of their behavior. The PetChatz Guard can also be used to protect the PetChatz unit in a boarding facility or veterinary hospital. In any situation where you want to add an extra level of  safety for your PetChatz unit, we recommend using the PetChatz Guard.

The PetChatz Guard is made of clear, durable plastic that surrounds and protects the PetChatz unit. The PetChatz Guard is simple to install and allows easy access for refilling PetChatz Treatz® and PetChatz Scentz®.

The PetChatz Guard will give you additional peace of mind that your PetChatz unit remains protected from a pet’s unpredictable behavior.

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