PetChatz Scentz Pads – Pack of 10


PetChatz Scentz Pads – Pack of 10

Reusable, absorbent pads hold the scent liquid and slide easily into an interior compartment – internal fan diffuses a calming scent throughout the room every time you chat.

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You can apply scent to the PetChatz Scentz Pad. We recommend our Calming Scent which has been specially formulated to be safe and calming for our furry friends and their amazing sense of smell. We want our pets to recognize the PetChatz Scentz and relate the smell to having fun with PetChatz®!

Experts recommend the use of a calming scent. Research has shown that essential oils like lavender, marjoram, ylang ylang and chamomile have a calming effect on pets. PetChatz Scentz Essential Oil Drops (Calm) are uniquely formulated for PetChatz using pure essential oil blend known to be calming and safe (when used as directed) for dogs, cats and other domestic pets.

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