You Asked for It

  • Subscription Program – we are in our first month of offering a subscription program for consumables (treatz, scentz, and padz). The program consists of getting a monthly box with two packages of treatz every month (total of 24), a new bottle of scentz every other month (total of 6) and a refill of padz once per year.  These numbers reflect average use across our system and will keep your furry friends calm, happy and engaged with your PetChatz System.  The program costs $19.99 per month (a 12% savings over regular price) and the box is shipped Free – and will come with occasional gifts for you and your furry buddies.  Interested? Click here to sign up: Shop Now
  • Sight & Sound – and pet reactions: with PetChatz’ new relationship with DogTV getting underway, The Mad Chatter thought it might be important to remind everyone about how pets differ in their “sight and sound” experience. As most people know, scent is the “dominant” sense for dogs and cats.  For humans it is sight (followed by sound) – giving us a bit different perspective.  Just because sight is not dominant for pets does not mean they do not see the world around us – they just see it differently.  In terms of color, dogs and cats see in a more muted color spectrum – so bright colors are seen more easily than what we interpret as earth tones.  Additionally, sound is a critical aspect of recognition – whether it is the can opener (opening some food perhaps), the doorbell or even the TV – sound will cause a reaction in most pets.  You can see some examples below (from our friends at DogTV) on animals watching TV.  We even shared recently a cat who wants to be a volleyball star: Volleyball Wannabe.  Finally, here is an image that sort of says it all – it compares what you see to what your pet sees – and it is really not all that different (colors more muted – image the same).