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A Women’s Way of Parenting A Dog

Have you ever been told you’re not “Alpha” or dominant enough? Are you facing challenges with parenting you dog? You don't need to change to parent a great dog, there is another way. We've heard variations of this from many women over the years. Whether your dog pulls on the leash, plays inappropriately with you or other dogs, jumps up on the kitchen countertops or is showing displays of growling, snapping or biting. All these problems are related to your dog being dominant or your failure to be Alpha. We want EVERY woman to know, you DON’T have to be Alpha [...]

The undeniable truth about being a crazy dog person!

We live in a world where commitment seems to be harder than ever, people seem to give up on one another so fast and love dies so quickly. The world where every relationship someone has, whether it’s’ a friend, a boyfriend, a colleague or even a family member, needs to be worked on to make it work.As I get older, I realize I need someone to stand by me, to love me unconditionally, someone who won’t give up on me or push me away when I’m down. I need someone to stand by my side and make me feel [...]

PetChatz: It’s not just for dogs…

Chatting with mom or dad, getting treats and being showered with praise: There’s a reason why both cats and dogs love PetChatz. A mom of four cats, Jespah (13yo), Gopa (10yo), Hila (2yo) and Ula (1yo), Julie Comstock loves knowing that she can use PetChatz to check in on her fur babies, especially her anxious cat, during the day.

Training as Easy as 1, 2, 3…

Whether it’s potty-training, putting a stop to biting, or teaching to roll over, most dog owners know training takes time. For Alysha Rice, PetChatz training has been as easy as 1, 2, 3. Barker, her 2-year-old white dachshund, learned to use the device in only a matter of days.(more…)

Little Steph Loves PetChatz

You’re never too young (or too old) to learn PetChatz. From a happy PetChatz pet parent: “Little Steph, only five months old, learned about the treats in ONE DAY!  She's been reaping the rewards ever since. Big sis, Liz, and brother, Charlie, also go for it. But the baby is FAST on the draw!"Watch the Video on YouTube