What’s it like to get a dog camera email inquiry from Michelle Higgins, the Fix column author for The New York Times? Well, quite honestly, as a Made in the USA Minnesota-based small business it’s pretty darn cool. Even after the WSJ, Mozilla and over 91 million singular video views, it’s as exciting as the first time to be in the conversation among other leading dog and pet cameras of the pet tech industry. Honestly, it’s a little nerve racking too. A part of you wonders where you’ll stack up, while the other part of you worries you’ve lost your awesomeness.

Lucky for us, PetChatz still comes out on top. From the security measures we’ve built into the unit, to the team that serves our customers and prospects each day, we’re laser focused on lowering the anxiety both pets and pet owners have while they’re away from one another. But don’t take our word for it, see what Michelle had to say.

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