3 Pet Tech Tips for Keeping Your Furbaby Safe this Holiday Season

Technology is great. Or is it? For all that it makes simple, there are a few things that always seem to get in the way. Ease of use, rock solid safety and security features, along with uneventful device updates aren’t just great bare minimum tech requirements, but those you’ll want to consider making mandatory when executing on your first (or next!) pet tech purchase. Like you, we believe the safety of your furbaby easily makes the top of your must-have list and have these checklist of tips to offer up as peace of mind that extends beyond the holiday season.

Safety Tip #1: Monitor What’s Shared and What’s Not

When you take on the convenience of being able to see or hear your furbaby whenever you want, you run the risk of giving access to another party. Investigating who and what will have access to the data that’s being recorded, by way of permission settings or otherwise, means considering what goes in the cloud and then who will be given the rights (or not) to retrieve that data. While you may need to review the fine print from time to time, it’s likely worth it if you want to be sure to maintain control over who sees what in the way that you expect it.

Safety Tip #2: Find Out, Just How Hackable It Is

Encryption isn’t just a big word, it’s a big deal. If the data being recorded isn’t encrypted, well then a hacker could potentially steal and post photos of your furbaby on social media or otherwise. And while you might not think that’s such a big deal, it’s creepy. And who wants that? After all, you never know what else might be in the video, happening in the vicinity of the PetChatz camera which you might also have concerns about someone else getting their hands on.

Safety Tip #3: Investigate Who Can Help When You Need It

Let’s say you’re not protected in the way you expected. Then what? Well, then it’s good to know who has your back. That’s where customer care teams come to the rescue. Having quick and convenient access to a human, a real one, someone who can both answer your questions and guide you thru your needs can fortunately be a bit of a bonus these days. In the end, the extra time you might need to take to ensure your backup team has your back though can be worth it. Check into the technology device’s customer care team by giving them a call before making your purchase. Chances are, if they’re willing to help you out then, they’re willing to help you out when you need them most too.

If you’re wondering where PetChatz ranks or other safety related measures, you can see for yourself. Check out the recent third party review by Mozilla. Here you’ll find reviews of other pet tech products too. Notice PetChatz checks all of the safety boxes and then some, meeting the industry’s leading reviewer ‘minimum requirements’ list of must-haves. Who can argue with that as a good place to get started? Not us.