Do you have a special love song for the one who loves you unconditionally? We’re talking a song for your pet, of course. See if it measures up to these ditties recently selected as 2015’s most sincere, sweetest pet love songs in the first-ever national Pet Love Song Contest, presented by PetChatz®.

Earlier this year, we called on individuals nationwide to submit a video of themselves singing a love song to their pets, whether it was a ditty for their doggy, a tune for their tabby, or even a rap for their rabbit. After reviewing entries, we selected the following winners:

  • You are My Milo” by Raven A. in Santa Barbara, CA: A pitch-perfect, fresh take on an old standard, sung with sincerity to beautiful blue-eyed Milo.
  • I Can’t Help Myself” by Joi M. in Cleveland Heights, OH: Whether you love Motown or any town, you can’t help but love this sweet ode to her kitty “(Sugar Pie) Killa Cat.”
  • PetChatz Me” by Jenn G. and Travis A. in Upton, MA: A soulful story of a pet owner’s desire to stay close to his pet no matter where he goes in life.
  • Ruby Sold” by Bev D. in Vanzant, MO: A loving, all original re-telling of how mom met her cute canine at the local animal shelter.

Each winner receives a PetChatz. Creators of the grand prize winner, “PetChatz Me,” also receive a year’s supply of PetChatz Treatz®.

Thank you everyone for taking part in this contest. Like you, we all love our pets so much – it’s only natural to break out in song. We loved seeing – and hearing – all the entries, and were especially inspired by these winners.