New PetChatz® HD’s PawCallAccessory Will Enable Pets to Call Parents for Two-Way Video Chat

MINNEAPOLIS (Nov. 16, 2015) – Has your pet called you lately? Your dog or cat will soon be able to do just that with the forthcoming launch of the PetChatz HD PawCall accessory, a landmark technology that lets pets initiate two-way video chats with the press of a button placed on your household’s floor.

PawCall is a shiny, durable, pet-safe 3” x 4” button pet parents can place on the floor or wall anywhere in their homes near their PetChatz HD system.

PawCall will connect with PetChatz HD, a new, updated version of our previously released PetChatz “Greet & Treat®” videophone allowing pet parents to connect with their pets from anywhere, anytime through their smartphones, tablets or computers.

PetChatz HD enables parents to call their pets for two-way video + treats

The patented, award-winning PetChatz HD unit is a sleek, high-tech, pet-safe system that mounts to any wall or kennel and lets owners call their pets to see each other, hear each other and speak to each other.

By clicking an icon within the PetChatz app, parents can dispense a treat, provide a soothing scent and receive sound and motion detection alerts of their pet’s shenanigans. PetChatz HD also features an HD, low-light camera and a high quality audio system. It is an updated version of the original PetChatz 1.0, which launched Nov. 2014.

Optional PawCall accessory lets pets call their parents

The PawCall accessory – which can be purchased separately and connects seamlessly to PetChatz – will in turn let pets call their parents. When pet parents want their pets to know they can call them, they schedule call times in the PetChatz web app, which causes the paw-shaped light on the PawCall button to blink. Pets can then press the PawCall button to place a call to their parents.

The PetChatz HD system features pet trainer-developed instructions to help parents easily train their pets to respond to PetChatz HD calls, and learn to place calls with the PawCall button.

To see a video demonstration of PetChatz HD and PawCall in action, check out this video.

PetChatz HD and the PawCall accessory are sold separately and are available for pre-order starting today at Estimated delivery for PetChatz HD is January 2016. Estimated delivery of PawCall is February 2016. PetChatz HD MSRP is $379.99. PawCall MSRP is $99.99.

Individuals can still purchase the original PetChatz 1.0 – which is not compatible with PawCall – for $299 at while supplies last.

“We created the first PetChatz to give parents peace of mind that they could check in on their pets at any time to be sure they are happy and safe,” said Lisa Lavin, PetChatz founder and CEO. “Now, PetChatz HD and the PawCall accessory complete the circle to enable true two-way communications between pet and parent – all in high definition video with premium audio. This is true ‘home alone enrichment’ for pets, where we now can empower pets to reach out to us. We believe this will forever change the pet-parent bond.”

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