See more whiskers – hear more meows!

PetChatz® HD is now shipping as an updated version of our recently released PetChatz “Greet & Treat” videophone, letting you connect with your pet from anywhere, anytime through your smartphone, tablet or computer to hear each other, see each other, speak to each other, and dispense treats and scents.

With the all new PetChatz HD, pet parents can now experience a closer, clearer connection with their pets, including two-way HD (low light) video and full-frequency audio system.

PLUS, PetChatz HD is compatible with the forthcoming PawCall® accessory, a shiny, durable button you can place on your floor or wall to let your pet call YOU through PetChatz HD.

Ready to stay connected with your pet like never before?

Order your PetChatz HD or PetChatz HD/PawCall bundle with FREE shipping today. PetChatz HD is shipping now, PawCall’s estimated delivery is later this month.

Also for a limited time, purchase PetChatz HD and receive 1-month FREE DogSense Online Puppy & Dog Training Video Program – hosted by the PetChatz Training Expert, Jody Karow.